April 16, 2017

We are going into the publishing business!

As you can see from the ad at left, we are producing a  commemorative Centennial magazine that will be published in the Herald News on Father’s Day.

Part of the 24-page magazine will be devoted to telling the story of St. Raymond Parish.  We’ll talk about the people and events that shaped our parish and grade school in the last 100 years. 

The other part will be about you and your St. Raymond story.  We are inviting all parishioners, alumni and friends—both past and present—to submit a photo that depicts a touchstone moment in your St. Raymond life.

The photo options are endless—Baptisms, First  Communion, confirmations and weddings are all great    options.  Photos can be old or new.  They can be of you, your folks or your grandparents—or all of you together.  You could share photos of  the first day of school, graduation, school achievements or playing for Big Red or the Rockets.   Think about this as a way to celebrate, honor and recognize those who are important to you.

Once you select the photo, you need to share its significance to you.  In 75 words or less.   (I know!  That’s going to be the tough part.)   See the sample ad  below for a little inspiration.

I’ve been referring to these stories as “St. Raymond Happy Ads.”  I know they will be a wonderful way to really share how this parish and school have impacted your life.   The  magazine will be a treasured keepsake for all; you need to be included.

A few practical things:  We have three ways you can submit your photo and story.  First, we are hoping that the majority of these stories will be submitted through straymond.net.  We’ve developed a reasonably straightforward way to do this…we’ve tested it with several 12-year-olds and they had no problem. 

The second way is aimed at our non-computer-savvy folks.  Please stop in the rectory with your materials, and we’ll help you out.  We’ll scan the photo and send you home with the original.

Our third favorite way for submittal is for you to drop your  story, photo and check in the collection basket.   Our only worry with this system is getting your photo back to you, so be sure to include all of your contact information.  

If you don’t have an electronic version of your favorite photo, consider taking a picture of a picture.  I do this all of the time with my iPhone.  To avoid shadows and glare, I take the photo out of the frame and tape it lightly to the wall.  I then take the photo, being sure to keep everything straight.  

I am really excited about this magazine! I love sharing the story of St. Raymond Parish—and our wonderful people. Don’t dilly-dally on this.  We have a VERY FIRM deadline of May 15.  That will give us a month to put the piece together with the Herald News staff. 

 ♦ ♦ ♦

Busy, busy week ahead.  Work on the pillars will begin  tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to take pictures and update on  Facebook and in next week’s bulletin.

Bishop Barron is coming this Wednesday!   As I write this two weeks in advance (silly early deadlines) we still have  tickets.  Check straymond.net if you want to join us.  Bishop Barron is talking about  “Finding the Nones.”

And on Friday, April 21, we will celebrate the ordination of eight men to the transitional diaconate. Please remember them in your prayers.   For the next year, they will serve as deacons in preparation for their priestly ordination in May, 2018.  Eight is a huge class!  Congratulations to our own   Fr. Burke Masters for all his good works!

Eileen Hooks Gutierrez
Director of Development and Project Liaison.



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