April 17, 2016

In a time where just about everyone has a camera in his or her
pocket 24/7, taking formal family photos has become a bit of a lost art....but we are going to change that.

This June, we will be offering free (yes, FREE) family portraits for all parishioners as we create a new parish directory in anticipation of our Centennial celebration.

We have again contracted with Lifetouch to provide the photography services and produce the book.  These people are pros.  Very capable and efficient.

We did this about 12 years ago when my high schoolers were preschoolers.  If you weren’t around then, let me explain how it works:

Starting this week, you will be encouraged to register for a sitting with one of the Lifetouch photographers.  They will be onsite here at St. Raymond from Tuesday through Saturday for the first, third and fourth weeks of June.

When you show up for your sitting, you’ll have two opportunities for photos.  First, everyone will be photographed in front of the standard blue background.  These are the photos for the parish directory.

Then, you’ll go outside for custom family portraits among the pillars of the cloister.

The cloister--and most specifically, the pillars--are an iconic and easily recognized part of the Cathedral    campus. Using the pillars as a backdrop for a family photo will be distinctive, architectural and identifiable.

After your sitting, you’ll have the chance right then to select the photo that goes in the directory.  At that point, you can head home knowing you’ll be pictured in the Centennial parishioners’ directory.  You’ll receive a free 8x10 of your portrait a few weeks later and a copy of the directory when it’s complete in December.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to order enlarged photos, multiple prints, framed gifts and holiday cards.  All of this is completely optional, but I am   going to let you in on a big secret:  it’s a great deal.

Twelve years ago, the average order from those who purchased items was about $105.  Based upon current prices and trends,  Lifetouch estimates our average order will be about $125.  That’s a typical sitting fee for most studio photography.

The time to start planning for this is now. Go to  straymond.net and  follow the link to our online booking site.  You’ll see that we have afternoon and evening appointments on   weekdays and all day on Saturdays.

If you are not a computer person, you will be able to book your portrait sitting at Church any weekend from now until Memorial Day.  To avoid double bookings, we’ll go to a paper system on weekends so folks can conveniently sign up after Mass.

It is especially important that you book early if you want to do a multi-generational family portrait.  You’ll need a block of sittings for each family group, as well as a longer sitting for the big group shot. 

When the directory is produced we’ll be using a theme of “The Pillars of St. Raymond Parish.”  In this case,  we don’t mean the stone ones.  Of course, we are    referencing the people who have built and supported this parish for 100 years.  We want to be sure you are in that, so please book an appointment today!

Eileen Hooks Gutierrez
Director of Development
815-722-6653, extension 242



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