February 5, 2017

So it seems like I’ve been providing Centennial event updates at the drop of a hat. 

One week, we ran through the Centennial plans with the Administration Commission.  A few days later, we  updated the Parish Council.  Both groups looked at the information differently (which is helpful) and provided suggestions, guidance and offers for help. (which is  REALLY helpful.)

I thought I’d share the report with you.

First, with regard to the speaker series, we have a full house—all five speakers are booked and dates are   settled.  A complete schedule is on page two, but here’s what’s new:

We have a date for Fr. John Kartje’s return to the Cathedral.  Fr. Kartje was with us for one of our Pilgrimage Sunday talks during the Year of Mercy. He’ll be with us on Thursday, October 12 talking about the relationship between religion and science. 
This is something he knows a thing or two about…prior to ordination, he was a Ph.D astrophysicist.

We have a woman speaker booked!  Colleen Murphy Duggan will be with us on November 9.  Colleen writes for aleteia.com and has a book coming out in the spring of 2018.  Her talk is titled Progress Not Perfection:    Focusing On What's Really Important In Catholic Parenting?  With six children under the age of 12, Colleen is very experienced.  She is also a FOM—friend of Marjorie Hill, our principal.  They were in the ACE    program together at Notre Dame.

The big question: “How do I get tickets for Bishop   Barron?”  We are in the process of developing a ticket system and working through the final details with Bishop Barron’s staff.  As soon as everything is worked out, we’ll provide the details.  It is likely we’ll sell tickets early March.

We have a committee! We’ve made a ton of progress with the Homecoming Fest, but the biggest news is about the people.  Last Saturday we had first  organizational meeting, and I was thrilled that a good group showed up.  I was even more thrilled when everyone went home with a new job.  I really appreciated the enthusiasm, energy and generous spirit. 

We still have a few more leadership jobs left to fill, but I am so happy to have such a good team including David Spesia, Cyndi Karges, Christine Pershey, Katie Choudhary, Michael D’Atri, John Bailey, Jeff  and Rosie McCune, Tony Gavlin,  Missy and Nick Ferro, Jeanne and Sean Leeders, Jan Novotny,  Deacon Ed Petak, Laura and Jason Mottl, Judy Stengele, Natalie Bayci, Mary Wollgast, Kathy Starasinich, Kelly Alt, Pete Pluth, Colleen and Jerad Abbott,   Brian and Mary Kay Bessler and Mary Sue Miller.  This list is growing every day.  Can we  include you?  Give me a call!

We also have signed contracts with our two headliner bands. On Saturday, July 1, we’ll welcome American English.  American English is a Beatles  tribute band with a huge following.  They do an  incredible show with costume changes and all the fun you want for a Saturday night.  Yeah!  Yeah! Yeah!

For Sunday night, we’ve booked Maggie Speaks, one of the premiere cover bands in Chicagoland.  Expect lots of great sing-along-dance-along music and high energy.  It’s gonna be fun!

If it seems like I’m all-Centennial-all-the-time, it’s because I am. (You should see my desk.)  I am going to try to mix up my columns a bit with some history as well as some event details, but if you feel like I haven’t addressed something you’d like to know more about in the parish, give me a call and let me know.   I am always looking for column ideas.  (Frequently at midnight on Tuesday before the Wednesday deadline.)

Until next week, I’ll be the one humming the Beatles songs.

Eileen Hooks Gutierrez
Director of Development
815-722-6653, ext. 242



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