June 19, 2016

Our whirlwind May has left a lot of good news in its wake.  Let me share:

Each year at the end of May, the Parish Council   gathers for a final meeting before the summer hiatus.  Generally, there are three big items on the agenda:  approve the annual budget, offer gratitude to our   outgoing members and discern new members. This year, the Council also reviewed a wide slate of candidates for the St. Raymond Nonnatus Society award.

We have four outgoing Parish Council  members—Rob Bailey, Joe Langenderfer, Marcia Marzec and Gretchen Troha.  As the evening wound down, they spoke about how much they’d enjoyed their time on the Council and how much they learned about how the parish operates.  It was good to hear their perspective.  Their good counsel and levelheadedness will be missed.

Five candidates came forth to join the Council.  At the meeting they had a chance to see the Parish Council in action and introduce themselves.  It’s an impressive group with much to offer the parish. 

There was just that sticky issue of five candidates for four openings.

With grand out-of-the-box thinking, current members Jerad Abbott, Natalie Bayci, Laura Mottl, Shamus Mudron and Mary Wollgast decided to welcome ALL of the new candidates for a 10-person Council for our Centennial year. Many-hands-make-light-work at its finest.  Welcome and thank you for coming forth to:  Kelly Alt, Jean Rohder,  David Spesia, Judy Stengele and Billie Terrell. 

The Parish Council also discerned the list of nominations for the St. Raymond Nonnatus Award honors.  As usual there was an incredible slate of  volunteers who all deserve to be honored for their  service to the parish and the school.  This year’s    recipients are Maria Acosta, Mike and Nicole    Murray and Judie Renz.  Congratulations to you all!

They will be inducted into the SRNS on Saturday, August 27 at 5:00 p.m. Mass, so mark your calendars.  After Mass, we’ll have RAYvinia in the Cloister with the band Wild Daisy.

Two more subjects to cover:

Fr. Brad wanted you to know that the search for a new Music Director is well underway.  In recent weeks, he has had promising interviews with several regional candidates.   Many thanks to our organists Nick Pershey and Dick Siegel and cantors  Sarah  Barraza, Steve Cannon, Miranda Castillo Claire Halbur, Audrey Mosher and Stacy Sienko for helping us in June and July.

And lastly, we are in search of someone to oversee the scheduling of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  Barb Dalton handled that project for years, but with her move, we need someone to step up and create the schedule 4-5 times a year.  The rectory staff will help train and provide computer   support.  Doesn’t seem like it is a huge project and certainly, it’ll get easier once you get the hang of it.  Please call the rectory at 815-722-6653 if you are interested in helping.

I hope you are all enjoying the early days of summer!

Eileen Hooks Gutierrez
Director of Development
815-722-6653, x242

P.S. Thanks to all who came to our Pilgrimage Sunday on June 5.  We had a very nice group and Fr. Jack Welch gave an interesting talk on St. Therese of Lisieux.  During the tour I asked where everyone was from.  I was surprised and delighted to learn folks from Lockport, Lemont and LaSalle (and that’s just the L’s) had come to visit, and several were first timers. 



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