May 1, 2016

The words shown at the right are one of Fr. Brad’s favorite quotes--and I can see why.  In 48 perfect words, St. Teresa simultaneously makes a simple declaration and a bold call to action.  Her words are a mandate for us all.

Whenever I read those words, I think about all of the volunteers we rely upon here at the Cathedral.  We have  hundreds of people who serve in so many ways as Christ’s hands, feet and eyes.

I guarantee that not one of those people do what they do for recognition, thanks or credit. However, I believe it’s important that these actions be recognized and highlighted--not just to praise, but to provide witness for all of the good that is being done.

One of the main ways we highlight our volunteers is through the St. Raymond Nonnatus Society.  About a dozen years ago we began this program where individuals or couples are honored annually for their service to the Cathedral of St.  Raymond. 

Each year when the induction speeches are read, I am stunned by the scope and breadth of the person’s work.   Several times, the recipient has been someone who I’ve known most of my life, and I had no idea all that he or she does to serve.  It’s a great testament to the people of our community.

As you’ll see on page 6, the Parish Council is accepting  nominations for this year’s inductions to the St. Raymond Nonnatus Society.  Please take a minute to think about who should be honored and submit a nomination. 

* * *

Speaking of St. Raymond Nonnatus Society members, I was so pleased to see that Kathy DelRose was honored as our CCW Woman of the Year.  Kathy is a really nice lady and the  “go to” person for so many organizations and projects. We are blessed to have her in our community.  Kathy will crown Mary at 9:00 a.m. Mass next Sunday.

* * *

If all of this talk of volunteerism has you thinking about getting involved more yourself, please consider bringing your talents to the Parish Council. 

The Parish Council is an advisory board for Fr. Brad.  The group of nine parishioners meets monthly from September to May (usually a meeting is missed at Christmas and Easter). 

Most meeting agendas are a combination of reviewing past events, discussing current issues, soliciting feedback and creating strategic plans.  The conversations are warm, lively and engaging. The Council does good work.

Ideally, the nine members of the Council reflect the demographics of the Parish as a whole.  That means we are eager to have the Council be a good mix of old and young, married and single, school families, RE families and newcomers.

New members are asked to serve a three-year term.  This year we have four members going off, so we need four new people to step up.  This Council will have the extra responsibility (and fun!)  for overseeing the Centennial celebration plans.  See the listing on page 3 for more details.

* * *

And finally, I have heard nothing but raves for last Sunday’s All Choirs Spring concert.  Congratulations to Dr. Randall Swanson and the entire Music Department on a job well done!

As I began with words from St. Teresa, I end with ones as well: “What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people.”

Have a great week good people!

Eileen Hooks Gutierrez
Director of Development, 815-722-6653, ext. 242  



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