October 14, 2018


We are getting close!

The Tower renovation project is on track to wrap up before Thanksgiving.   Here’s where we stand now:

· Most of the stones that were removed have been   replaced or repaired.  In fact, by the time you read this on Sunday, the entire façade should be intact.

· Three of the four sides have been pressure washed from top to bottom.  This is a remarkable process which removes construction runoff as well as 60 years of dirt.  They’ll get the very long hose out again to do the south elevation in the next few weeks.

· Once the stones are in place and all of the exterior work is complete, we’ll start disassembling the       scaffolding.  It’ll take a week or so to remove the masts on which the work decks move up and down.   Two or three will be removed in the next few weeks and a crane will be brought in to lift the work decks over the Cloister wall.  (Remember, the work decks won’t fit between the pillars.)   The last mast will be removed when a few last exterior projects are complete.

· Screen repair continues in the belfry.  Once that is done, exposed metal beams and fittings will be painted to minimize corrosion.

· We are meeting with a landscaper to make a plan to restore the grass and plantings in the Cloister.

· We are also working on a design for the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Prayer Garden.  This ranks as one of my favorite projects I’ve had the honor of working on at the Cathedral.  Now I’m lucky enough to do it again!  We saved all of the bricks engraved with her teachings, so those will definitely have a place in the new design.

· Lastly, we are working on exterior lighting.  We know what an impact the lighting has had on the appearance of the front facade of the Cathedral, and we want to see what our options are with the Tower.

Eileen Hooks Gutierrez
Director of Development and Projects Liaison




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