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This weekend we begin Catholic Schools Week. Help us fill the pews at the 9 AM mass! We only come together twice a year as a school community to celebrate mass. Your presence is requested and needed. Our school children will be leading us in prayer.

Following mass, we encourage families to join us for our pancake breakfast, sponsored by the Athletic Board. The Book Fair will be set up in the library. We will also be giving guided tours to new families. Please share the postcard and pencil that was sent home last week with your co-workers, neighbors, and friends. You can also share our post on Facebook.

We look forward to celebrating this special week with all of you as we give gratitude to the many people who make St. Raymond School possible! Be on the lookout for texts all week reminding you of what is happening.


We are gearing up for some severe weather in the coming week. The decision to close school is based on a number of factors. Generally we follow suit with Joliet Public Schools District 86. There may be times when District 86 will close, but we decide to stay open. One such case may be with extreme temperatures. Because District 86 students stand outside to wait for their buses, they may decide to close, but we may remain open. Parents are always encouraged to make a decision about attending school that is best for their family.

If school is closed, we will communicate to parents in the following ways:

1.Parents and students are notified via a text message through School Speak.

2.A message on Facebook will appear.

3. A complete list of closings is also available at At the emergency closing website you may also request an email be sent to you when school is closed. You may also call 847-238-1234 from a touch-tone phone and enter the school’s phone number, 815-722-6626.

4. You can also access this information on the radio (WGN Radio 720 AM, WBBM Radio 780 AM) or television (CBS Channel 2, NBC Channel 5, ABC Channel 7, WGN-TV, FOX Channel 12, or CLTV).

The decision to close school will be made no later than 6:00 AM.

ITEM #2: Catholic Schools Week Family Picnic

Last year we added a new event to Catholic Schools Week—Family Picnic! It was such a hit we want to continue it. Here is a little more about the event:

Before the Variety Show on Thursday, January 31st we will have a school family picnic in the commons. This is an opportunity to eat lunch with your child/ren. Bring a blanket and picnic basket/lunch. The lunch can be homemade or it can be food from a fast food restaurant. Tables will be provided for those unable to sit on the floor.

If you are unable to attend, please make arrangements for your child/ren to eat with another family. During both lunch times, space is guaranteed for those designated by last names. In the event a family can’t make their designated time, accommodations can be made for them to join the other lunch slot, but space is limited.

The lunch schedule for the day will be:

Last Name A-K: 11:15-11:45 AM

Last Name L-Z: 12:00 – 12:30 PM



Winter Raffle Tickets will be sent home next week in the family folder. If you do not get them, please check with your child first, then inquire with the office. Every family is expected to buy/sell 35 tickets or $350 worth. The tickets and money are due no later than Friday, February 22nd.

Some families chose to pay for their raffle tickets through FACTs. If you selected this option, please write on the outside of the envelope “Payment made through FACTs” and then return the envelope with your raffle tickets filled out to the office. Janet Seddon, our book keeper, will confirm payment(s) have been received.

Thank you in advance for supporting this important fundraiser!

ITEM #4: NEW Volunteer Check In System

Using the profits from last year’s Rocket Walk, we have purchased a brand new visitor management system called Raptor. Raptor is a leader in its industry in helping schools know who is in the building at all times.

Visitors will be asked to present a government issued ID. The Raptor system will check against a national list of registered sex offenders. Once approved, the person will receive a visitor’s badge and will be required to wear while in the building. Badges won’t be needed if you’re just dropping off an item at the office or picking up paperwork.

Next time you are volunteering, please don’t forget your ID. Once your ID has been scanned once, you will not need to scan the ID again, but you will need to get a badge from the office. This replaces the paper and pencil binder check in we had been using.

ITEM # 5: Track and Field Parent Meeting

There will be a track and field meeting for parents of 5th-8th grade students interested in participating in our inaugural season on Monday, February 11th at 6:30 pm in the Commons. Questions can be directed to Katie Remer at

ITEM #6: Happy Birthday!

This awesome lady is celebrating her birthday this coming week:

Mrs. Jennifer Munson—1st grade teacher—Monday, January 28

Please be sure to wish Mrs. Munson a “Happy Birthday!” We are so blessed that she shares her gifts and talents with the St. Ray’s community.

Download Attachments:

--Fun Fair Flyers

--Spaghetti Dinner T-shirt Order Form and 5th-8th Hot Lunch Order Form


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