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Our school is being turned into something magical! Many hands make light work. Thank you to the many volunteers who have made OktoberFeast, Fast, and Fest possible. The evening not only raises money for our children but allows people from our community to come and experience the joy of St. Ray’s.

Please look for the auction booklet that is being sent home today!

If you are unable to attend OktoberFest, you can still bid on items no matter where you are!

Just a reminder:

OktoberFast begins at 8 AM on the Douglas side of school.

OktoberFest doors open at 6 PM. Enter at door #26. The event ends at midnight.

We look forward to welcoming all of you!

ITEM #1: Move Your Feet to Give a Child a Seat

Next Friday the Diocese of Joliet will be celebrating Move Your Feet to Give a Child a Seat. An annual event, the diocese of Joliet hosts this day to bring awareness to Catholic schools and to raise money for scholarships. The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) has funded 164 new student scholarships since 2014. There are families here at St. Ray’s who have benefited from the generosity of families across the diocese.

To support this effort, we are asking for a minimum $1 donation and students can dress down in St. Ray’s spirit wear next Friday.

Rather than just give your child the money to participate, we strongly encourage you to find ways your child can earn the money, i.e., doing chores, sacrificing a treat and using the money you would have spent on the treat for this instead, using birthday money, etc. There is so much to be learned from having your child use their money, rather than yours.

In preparation for Move Your Feet To Give a Child a Seat, students will be making signs and posters to share their love and pride for our school. If your child has a noisemaker, pom poms, or other fun spirited items, they are allowed to bring them to use in our walk.

Like we did last year, PS-Kindergarten will do a walk around the school and church. 1st-8th will do a slightly bigger walk around USF campus--this will have us walking on Plainfield Rd. We will never have to cross a busy intersection, but we wanted to make parents aware. If you have any concerns with the route of the walk, please let us know and your child can do the shorter walk with PS-Kindergarten. We want to widen our reach beyond our neighbors who probably already know we are here and we felt a busy street would bring some well-deserved attention to us. If any parents would like to walk with us, you are more than welcome to join us! The walk will begin at 2:20 at door #8 (teacher’s parking lot off Douglas St.).

ITEM #2: Halloween

As you start thinking about Halloween and what costume your child plans to wear, please keep in mind that costumes should be respectful of our Catholic faith—no devil costumes or accessory items that promote violence or could be deemed dangerous. Students should be able to manage the costume independently. They should be able to sit in their desk to learn for the day and be able to use the bathroom on their own.


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