Rocket Walk Thank You

Dear St. Ray’s,

We met our baseline goal of $15,000! This year was tricky because we had a week less with Easter break, but we did it! Thank you to all the families who worked so hard to support our efforts. While we didn’t make our reach goal, we did raise $18,331 (and that amount keeps changing each time I check it)!!! The pledge platform is still open so if you know anyone who wishes to support our efforts to put more technology into our school, send them the link. Over the next couple of weeks, we will place our order for some IPads and green screen studio!!! We would love to add more to the count!

Because of the rain today, we were not able to walk outside. Instead we did a couple of laps around school. The purpose of the walk is to share our school spirit with the neighborhood and honor all those who pledged us expecting us to do our part by walking, so we will have our official Rocket Walk on the Wednesday of the last week of school—May 29th at 9 AM. All are welcome to join us!

Grand prize winners will be announced next week, but we want to announce the classroom prize since they will be enjoying their prize on Monday. Congratulations to

Mrs. Black’s 5th grade class!!!!

As a class, they raised $2,535. As an average per student, they raised $110. Impressive! As a result, 5th grade gets to dress down on Monday. They also earned a lunchtime pizza party and open gym time. Woo hoo! Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Again, thank you for your incredible support of Rocket Walk. Fundraising is synonymous with Catholic education. Without it, we would have to raise tuition to amounts that would not be affordable to families. Every effort of time and money is a statement of trust and pride you have in St. Ray’s.

Incredibly grateful,

Ms. Marjorie Hill


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