School Uniforms

Dear St. Raymond School Families,

As we concluded last school year, several important documents were sent home in the family folder, including the new uniform guidelines. This coming year will be a transition year. You may adhere to the uniform guidelines of 2017-2018 or the guidelines of 2018-2019.

The uniform guidelines of 2017-2018 allowed for a plain blue or white polo for students in K-5 which meant many families were purchasing them from the local stores. The switch to a red logoed polo was made for several reasons:

1.It supports a uniform, rather than a dress code.

2.Red is our official school color.

3.It allows us to be easily identifiable in our community.

At this point, I am sure many, if not all, of you have purchased your uniforms for this coming year. During this year of transition we will be a bit more lenient than we will be moving forward. Please note that Schoolbelles is our official uniform vendor. Sharp Sports offers the red and black polo and Ken Woody offers the embroidered black polo and the fleece.

During this transition, we have discovered there are many shades of red polos. The brand that we selected from Schoolbelles is considered more of a ruby red (don’t quote me on that exact color). Because families were accustomed to purchasing their white or blue polos from big box stores, it is my understanding that some people have purchased the red polo shirts from these same stores. A plain red polo for grades K-5 will be allowed during this transition year; however, they may not be worn beyond this year. Sixth through eighth grade must wear an embroidered polo as they have always been required to do so, either with the old logo or new logo. Embroidered polos may only be purchased from Schoolbelles (red or black), Sharp Sports (red or black) or Ken Woody (black). If we are able to find another vendor that can supply our brand of polo shirts, we will certainly welcome them as another possible uniform provider.

Besides the switch to the embroidered logo, the only other change that was made to the uniform guideline was socks. Since the publishing of the new uniform guidelines, I made some slight modifications to the socks. I added black as a sock option for boys. Girls in K-5 who are wearing the jumper or skirt may wear fold over ankle socks, crew, knee high socks or tights. Girls in grades 6-8 may wear ankle, crew or knee high socks.

If you have any questions at all regarding the new uniform guidelines, please do not hesitate to reach out to the school office. We are extremely grateful that parents are being diligent in adhering to the uniform guidelines and we want to make sure we are supporting you as best we can.


Ms. Marjorie Hill


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